Luton Arches, Inital Sketch

Luton Arches, Initial Sketch of opportunities for improvements.
We like to share this sketch it is to provoke discussion and not any final plans. So please share your thoughts and opinions.

We would like the final sketches to be the catalyst for us to drive a community clear up of the area in partnership with Medway Council and Network Rail. Leading we hope to large scale regeneration of the area.

They always say time changes things with Luton Arches it would not be for the best, but sometimes we have to help things change for the better.



One thought on “Luton Arches, Inital Sketch

  • June 18, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    Get rid of the footbridge no one uses, but then need an alternative crossing. loads just walk across the road at the roundabout anyway.


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