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Arches Local Year 1 Plan   Arches Local Year 1 Review

Arches Local Year 2 Plan   Arches Local Year 2 Review

Arches Local Year 3 Plan   Arches Local Year 3 Review

Arches Local Year 4 Plan   Arches Local Year 4 Review

Arches Local Year 5 Plan

Arches Local Year 6 Plan


Arches Local Community Economic Development Plan

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We liken the area to a diamond it has many great facets, but also some flaws.

The lustre has disappeared in parts, and now in some places it resembles more a piece of coal than a diamond.

But we know a diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.

We believe that one of our keys roles is to help create and focus this pressure, and bring the diamond luster back to the areas
that need it. 

Arches Local have held many meetings and events discussing the local issues and how the funding could help.

Many themes have arisen following engagement with the community these include the following and are reflected in our 1st and 2nd year plans:

  • Social Investment
  • Open Spaces & the Environment
  • Private Rented Sector Housing
  • Activities for Young People
  • Drug & Alcohol Misuse and Dependency Diversion Activities
  • Community Cohesion and Partnership Development & Delivery

One of our biggest challenges is getting it right but we know that this will be easier if we better communicate our plans and ensure that local people participate more vigorously, and that we remain responsive to their needs and ideas.