Get Involved

If you live in the Arches Local area check the map below to see if this means you, get in touch and get involved!

We want YOU to have your say about Arches Local and to hear about your ideas

What skills could you offer  – perhaps you have some time to help out at a community event, attending meetings, or generally joining in. Not everyone has time to join the Partnership, but it need 10410583_768822563157134_7212045122744737122_nnot be too intensive and all contributions of time, skills and ideas are important, whether you decide to become a partner or not.

Have look at what others have said to our team of Community Researchers Arches Big Local Community Research March 2015

Another way to share your ideas is through Facebook and Twitter.

For more Information please get in touch with:

Arches Local Coordinator Stephen Perez

T: 07572 862 336