Since 2019 the Arches, Chatham, via the Big Local initiative has formed a Neighbourhood Planning Forum which is now designated for the purposes of developing a statutory spatial plan for the defined neighbourhood. The Forum, consisting of local people and businesses is focused on improving this forgotten corner of Chatham characterised by high unemployment, food poverty, poorly maintained housing and a very poor physical environment.

On Tuesday 3rd of March, the Arches ‘Chatham’ Neighbourhood Forum held a walkabout throughout the designated planning area with Stuart Woodin and Donata Satkauskaite of AECOM.

This walkabout was an opportunity for Arches Local and forum members to take a walk through the ANCF neighbourhood (Shipwrights to the Brook) and document their thoughts around the areas social, physical, economic and environmental sustainability. Stuart and Donata were kind enough to summarise all of our proforma findings in a document found here.

In addition to completing this proforma, the walkabout was a fantastic opportunity for AECOM to advise the all of us on what further technical support could be most impactful. This resulted in AECOM creating a Draft Master Planning brief, which you’re able to read here.

A special thank you to Jackson, Stuart, Donata and everyone else who was joined us on the day!

To learn more or to get involved with our Neighbourhood Planning journey please visit or contact: