Luton Arches Day & Night

Luton Arches, New Sketches of opportunities for improvements.

We like to share these sketches shown at the recent open day they are as before to provoke discussion and not any final plans. So please share your thoughts and opinions.

There has already been some positive change down at the Luton Arches since the last sketch we hope these will be a catalyst to further improvements.

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Open Day > Boards Tea Cakes Leaves Ballons + Wooden Reindeer

Thank you for those that came and made our Open Day a success and shared your thoughts and heard ours on the Arches Local Area.

We were really pleased at the great turnout and we can report that over 200 of cups of tea and coffee where drunk and over 100 cakes were consumed on the day !

Big thanks go to Magpie Centre CafeMedway Men in Sheds, Medway Council Green Spaces team, Kent Wildlife Trust and Groundwork and many others...

Some thoughts that came out of the day including Jaiden request for a pet Lion.

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Network Rail Meet Arches Local #lutonarches

We met with a representative of Network Rail on 27th November 2015 we gave them a tour of the area and showed them all the problems and highlighted the areas that we believed were on Network Rail property.

Shared with them some of our ideas for the area and plans around the Luton Arches and how they could help and what a great benefit it would be for everyone.

Spoke about working in partnership with the Community, Medway Council and Network Rail together.

Some of the highlights we spoke about for those of you who pass through the area will be familiar with was the huge amount of cans and bottles dumped by the walk-bridge, it hard to imagine the amount there from the photo it very sizable, and Network Rail Rep was shocked at it and promised swift action on there side of the fence.

IMG_1210-4 IMG_0928-2

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