We met with a representative of Network Rail on 27th November 2015 we gave them a tour of the area and showed them all the problems and highlighted the areas that we believed were on Network Rail property.

Shared with them some of our ideas for the area and plans around the Luton Arches and how they could help and what a great benefit it would be for everyone.

Spoke about working in partnership with the Community, Medway Council and Network Rail together.

Some of the highlights we spoke about for those of you who pass through the area will be familiar with was the huge amount of cans and bottles dumped by the walk-bridge, it hard to imagine the amount there from the photo it very sizable, and Network Rail Rep was shocked at it and promised swift action on there side of the fence.

IMG_1210-4 IMG_0928-2

As we slowly made are way around the area they spoke about other places and how they were worse than what they had seen so far. We asked them to pass final judgement once we made it all the way around. It was not all negative and we spoke about painting healthy recipe ideas within the arches walls, and murals all things Network Rail were happy to have future discussions about.

We made it to the metal under bridge where we presented the the failed netting the dead pigeons and huge amount of pigeon feces everywhere, on the path, walls, road, etc as per our petition, on Que one of the pigeon within the netting acknowledged we were there and left a message on my coat. I hope the Network Rail Representative will not mind me saying he said it was the worst he had ever seen.

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The Network Rail Representative was honest in that he could not promised an immediate remedy to all the problems there but that he would register and escalate them. This is the one of the many steps we will have in bringing long lasting change and we are not under any illusion that there are many more steps ahead of us.

After we had left the Network Rail Representative we walked back to the Luton Arches to find contractors cutting back trees by the walk-bridge that we had spoken to Medway Council about at a earlier meeting that month. We asked who they were working for and they said Medway Council. It was great timing and brilliant to see some positive action in an area we had just been discussing with Network Rail a few hours previous. So thank you Medway Council.


Not for Network rail to be out done on the positive actions stakes. At our successful Open Day meeting yesterday at the Magpie Centre Cafe I received a phone call from Network Rail to say they had been down to the walk-bridge area and removed the majority of the litter on there side of the fence. So thank you to Network Rail for keeping your promise of swift action with regard to the cans and bottles on your side of the fence.

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So the pressure is on and we are on schedule with continued efforts from the Community, Medway Council and Network Rail to start a community clear up of the area in the New Year…