I wanna be the one

This post is the culmination of the Arches Local Make Music Project that started out with Jamie Johnson handing out flyers for what was planned to be a 6-week project at the end of summer 2016. The project was run from Riverside One Studios in Chatham where participants had the opportunity to make and record their own music and work with other musicians, producers and professional songwriters.


It turned out to take a lot longer than envisaged with lots of hard work and dedication put in by Riverside One Studios and Students from Victory Academy.


The future pop stars from Victory Academy arrived at the Riverside One Studios.


Students were excited at the opportunity to be able to work alongside producers and writers at The Voice star Jamie Johnson’s professional recording studio.


Students were treated to a personal tour around the studio by Jamie Johnson who was a finalist on The Voice.

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The video provided by Jamie Johnson is the product of the student’s journey through the project and shows the students from Victory Academy performing “I wanna be the one” and marks the completion of the successful Arches Local Make Music Project.

[cvm_video id=”820″]


“I wanna be the one” was produced, written and performed by the pupils and we are extremely proud of what they have created and we are so pleased to be able to share it with everyone.