This week we have been keeping it Local.

On Tuesday, March 14th 2017 Copperhouse Activity Training a local outdoor activity provider we support to run activities took children from a local primary school, All Saints CofE to a local park, Luton Millennium Green that as a community in partnership with other stakeholders are helping shape to our needs. The day was magically captured by a local photographer Steve Tomlin.

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The Copper House Activity Training Team were on hand with;

Copperhouse 008Copperhouse 010Copperhouse 009

Lindsay                                           Julie                                                       Ian

Copperhouse 006

Very happy to support us again was the community team from our local Tesco’s giving healthy eating advice information and food to eat from their great Farm to Fork program.

Copperhouse 012 Copperhouse 016

The children took part in lots of fun activities throughout the day including team building where they worked together solving fun tasks.

Copperhouse 021Copperhouse 022

The imaginative ideas and design skills that came out of children when they were creating and playing in the shelters were inspiring.

Copperhouse 024  Copperhouse 026

They learned to read maps, identifying where the park and school were on the map.

Copperhouse 028 Copperhouse 027

They paced out the size of the park and drew their own maps of its landmarks and shape.

Copperhouse 029 Copperhouse 025

It was a great day we like to thank all those that took part in making it such a great day, especially the great children from All Saints CofE School. We look forward to more events including our summer event on the 8th of July and further developing the park throughout the year.