Its official the green light has been given by the Department for Communities and Local Government and The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP that Luton Millennium Green is to receive a pocket park, works will commence on Thursday 18th February 2016.

The plans and ideas for the pocket park were formed by discussions with the local community at the recently held Arches Local open day at the Magpie Community Centre Cafe. The Pocketpark will include things discussed like developing a community orchard, a bug ‘hotel’ area, some robust train sleeper type seating, and some natural play

Arches Local confirmed at its recent partnership meeting that it will match the £10,000.00 capital investment increasing total funds available currently for the Pocketpark to £25,000.00.

Please see below photo for the approximate location for the new Pocketpark at Luton Millennium Green.

Pocket Park LMG

Flanked by a burnt out children’s’ play area and a redundant amphitheater surrounded by a large area of gang mown grass. The site offers fantastic views looking out across Medway but is actually hidden from view to passer bys. We hope that the Pocketpark will breathe new life into the area, with further investment, and continued community engagement, will ensure the parks legacy as a community asset for future generations.

For details of the 87 pocket parks receiving funding from DCLG please see the below interactive map

More than 80 unloved and neglected urban spaces across the country will be transformed into green oases for everyone to use, thanks to a share of a £1.5 million dedicated fund, Communities Secretary Greg Clark announced today.

Increasing the availability of green space draws more people outside, giving residents, particularly in urban areas without gardens of their own, more space to relax, get together with their neighbours, grow food and provide a safe space for their children to play.