We held a successful awareness event at the wonderful Magpie Community Centre Cafe last week where lots of local people turned up to share their opinions, had something to eat and drink. We premiered our new survey on having a market at Luton Road Shoppers Car Park which is part of our Community Economic Development plan and you helped Spice with ideas on the design of the incoming Medway Time Credit.



The Council has identified that the Luton Road Shoppers Car Park is a site that could be developed. Arches Local would like to better understand what people working and living in our area would like to see Car Park be developed into. The findings will form part of and be reflected in our Community Economic Development plan. We believe that one option would be to retain the car park but hold a community market at the location periodically.  The Luton Road Shopper’s Car Park is situated off Magpie Hall Road; it is currently a free car park with 56 space.

We would like to know what you think about this idea and the aspects of the market that would be important to you by clicking on and answering the below survey.

Market at Luton Road Shopper’s Car Park Community Economic Development plan Survey 2017


Time Credits make a sustainable difference to a range of organisations across the community, housing, health, care and school sectors. They are proven to increase the number of people involved in the community and are able to help sustain that involvement over time, bringing about a range of transformative outcomes.

TC how it works

We plan to have further awareness events and offer support to those interested in running a market stall and I am sure we all can’t wait to see what the Medway Time Credit note will looks like.