The Arches Front Door

We have recently signed a 12 month Lease for a community space at 2e Luton Road called “The Arches”.

The plan is to use this location as a focal point for Arches Local activities in particular delivering elements that support better social investment in the area. This will help better develop the local economy encouraging in the long term that the shops and facilities in this area reflect the following local needs;

– local workforce and residents are committed to the local economy
– people love the place! And want to live here
– there is a varied demographic shopping in all the shops (not segregated)
– There is a good mix of businesses, including
– Some chains
– Some fresh, good food including café/s
– Some bespoke shops
– Affordable groceries
– Street food
– Businesses are good at engaging with the local community

We will also encourage the community to utilise the space with support for personal development and opportunities for resident-led activities or events.

The Arches looked empty and bare when we first got the keys.


But we soon started to shape the space and it has already held a number of events including a community business event and a coffee morning to discuss local issues.

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It’s hosted a number of local organisations meetings including our last partnership meeting.


Arches Local is looking forward to seeing more of you at and using the space while we are there.