🌳 Luton Road's Greening Continues

Our Big Local Plan over the last number of years has reaffirmed our commitment to improving air quality, biodiversity and sense of place through street tree planting. 

You may recall in February 2022 we hit a mile stone of planting Luton Road’s first ever street tree at a very busy and complicated road junction. This February we blew this effort out of the water. 

Despite running our busiest ever February Fit & Fed, on the two days that followed we planted a further 7 hardstanding trees running from the The Kabin to Christ Church, Luton.

This effort wouldn't have been possible without the support and generosity of Bell UK, Barcham Trees, Medway Council, Luton Primary School & countless others - teamwork makes the dream work. 

Medway Eyes 👀

The eyes have landed in Luton, have you seen them?

Located behind Bowen Moto and towards Short Street Garage.