Inaugural Away Day

Inaugural Away Day

Last week we set sail on a wet and windy adventure for Arches Local’s very first away day aboard the Edith May.

Inspired by Nottingham Big Local Connects, the Partnership felt now was the right time for a team away day to promote conversations about the future and our legacy vehicle (Community Interest Company).

What followed was hours of brainstorming, snacking, and trying to remember what it felt like to be dry and warm. Despite the weather doing its best to dampen spirits, goodwill and positivity remained high as we mapped out our next steps and came one step closer to appointing new Directors.

Huge thanks to Lucy from Local Trust for her support and to Tiller & Wheel CIC for hosting us and making sure we didn’t go overboard (literally and figuratively).

Anne Pratt Mural

Anne Pratt Mural

Continuing to reveal the hidden stories of Chatham, this week we achieved a hat-trick with our third mural painted.

Renowned artist Sophie Mess was commissioned by Arches Local to respond to a list of local stories, and took inspiration from the incredible life of Anne Pratt (1806-1893).

Living with her sister off Luton Road for some years, Anne found solace in drawing due to poor health and an injured knee.

Little did she know, her passion would elevate her to become one of the best-known botanical illustrators of the Victorian age. Publishing more than 20 books, Queen Victoria herself requested copies of her works.

Inspired by Anne’s bold life choices, and in Sophie Mess’ contemporary style, she contrasts the word ‘imagine’ with the flowers Anne would have painted.

Located on Newnham Street, this mural wouldn’t have been possible without the support of mhs homes, the UK’s largest independent landlord, who kindly donated their wall.

If you have a wall or local story you’d like to have considered for future murals, please get in touch!