Luton Millennium Green with the help of Arches Local Big Local in partnership with Medway Plus, Medway Council, and Magpie Growers have together won a bid to transform an untended area of the park in to a pocket park. The successful bid will bring £15,000.00 of funds to invest in the park, with Arches Local planning to match the capital element raising the total to £25,000.00.

The plans and ideas for the pocket park were formed by discussions with the local community at the recently held Arches Local open day at the Magpie Community Centre Café. Things discussed included developing a community orchard, a bug ‘hotel’ area, some robust train sleeper type seating, a rustic boundary fencing and some natural play. Arches Local have been active in trying to promote the sadly disused, and in parts run down park in line with its 1st year plan. With hosting events at the park most recently the Medway Youth Trust charity fete in 2015. The group believes with this Pocket Park, further investment, and continued community engagement, will ensure the parks legacy as a community asset for future generations.


Lut Mill approved


The Pocket Park area is currently blanketed by brambles interspersed with hawthorn and blackthorn scrub. There are parts of the area that seem to attracted litter and anti-social behavior. The proposed location for the pocket park is a part of the Luton Millennium Green that currently offers very little to local residents and users of the space.  The large Luton Millennium Green has a burnt out children’s’ play area and a redundant amphitheater surrounded by a large area of gang mown grass. The site offers fantastic views looking out across Medway but is actually hidden from view to passer bys. The plan is to have the Pocket Park open before the Summer 2016, and host an event to celebrate its opening with the community.


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