We have been in discussion with JCDecaux about their advertising hoarding towards the bottom of Castle Road.

You may recall it looking like this..

IMG_1074 (1)

Well JCDecaux were under the false impression they could do work on it in preparation for replacing it, and leave it like this…

jcdeaux 2

We explained to them who we are, little bit about the area, the great people who live there and how leaving it in this unacceptable state was not reflective of us. Though looking around you can see how they might get the impression that no one cared….

IMG_1106 (1)

They replied and showed true concern but seem to be under the impression that it still looked like the first photo so with the help of Wayne Rooney we clarified that it currently was left like this….

IMG_1131 (1)

Well this morning we met with the contractors who were a nice friendly bunch, who were sent out to paint it and make it look better, though we accept it still not perfect its a massive improvement on what it was before.

Thank you JCDecaux for demonstrating like ourselves and the vast majority of people who live there, they do care about the Arches Local area.

We are in discussions with JCDecaux on how they might be able to help us in creating further positive change in the Arches Local Area, as they are the UK’s number one out-of-home advertising company, part of the world’s leading outdoor advertising company.