#Day3 LMG #Pocketpark Bench

I think the cat might be out of the bag on what it is but can any recognise there drawing that Dan took his inspiration from for the bench??

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#Day1 LMG #Pocketpark Bench

An early morning start hoisting the log into place using a tripod and chain and block tackle contraption.


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Luton Millennium Green #pocketpark Bench Work !

We have shared all the drawings and ideas with Dan the Carver who was very impressed with all your efforts! Which he will use to create the bench with your help. Work on the Bench at Luton Millennium Green ‪#‎pocketpark‬ will commence tomorrow 10th of August So if you are around come along and have a look..

There will also be opportunities for anyone who wants to be involved to help finish the bench on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th of August.

Please follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds for any updates

Below is the space that will be the final home of the bench!


Please find below a selection of some of the great drawings you did for us..!


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Arches Local 9th July @ Luton Millennium Green Big Open Fun Day #community

What a great day we all had on Saturday 9th July the community came together and for the price of answering some simple questions got to eat and take part in all the Arches Local activities and more.

We started to get ready early in the day to be honest we were a little nervous thinking would anyone would turn up with so much else going on at the weekend with the Kent Show and River Festival !


Fears soon melted away it got busy really quick and the community enjoyed each other company the entire day,  the children played, the weather was great, the whole day had such a relaxed feel to it. We estimate from the number of tickets we gave out for the hog roast that we had well over 200 people attend over the day, we managed together to totally devour a 68 kilo pig in under 4 hours all that was left was a few mushroom burgers.


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Arches Local #SpringEvents16 Big Local @ London

Arches Local attended the Big Local #SpringEvents16 in London on 23rd of April where we delivered a presentation on Making Connections and Promoting Big Local Opportunities was a really interesting day where we got to share with and learn from other Big Local Area's.



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Luton Arches Day & Night

Luton Arches, New Sketches of opportunities for improvements.

We like to share these sketches shown at the recent open day they are as before to provoke discussion and not any final plans. So please share your thoughts and opinions.

There has already been some positive change down at the Luton Arches since the last sketch we hope these will be a catalyst to further improvements.

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